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Safe lift and extension ladder access to service transit bus, RV & Highway Van rooftops


Easy Access Powered Lifts

Easy Access Powered lifts set up with use of battery powered drill/driver. Worm gear safety. Locked at height: pins under each corner.

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Mobile Lifts
Heavy Vehicle Rooftop Safety
Heavy Vehicle Rooftop Safety
 safety compliant
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Connectable Aluminum Height Adjustable Maintenance Platforms - fold flat for transport and storage

Scissor Deck Tanker Maintenance
Scissor Deck 7000 series system cropped2
Scissor Deck Transit Bus Systems

Fixed height work platforms - fold compact - many size options

Mobile Maintenance Decks
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Sturdy Deck Maintenance Platforms
Sturdy Deck Mobile Maintenance Platforms
Sturdy Deck 48120 with extendable legs.j
RV Maintenance Platforms

Height Adjustable Mobile Work Platforms

- may be customized for your application
20" wide x 10' or 12' length models
51" to 82" height range
folds flat for transport
OSHA, ANSI & CSA compliant

Safety gates for 3 sided protection

Locking 6" wheels

Tested to 1000 lbs weight capacity

10' length model supplied to RV dealers & for windshield installs
12' length model fits over rig hoods and drops down for rear access to cab

Dale Sweigart, Director Field Quality, Safelite Group purchased 4 units, "Everyone has nice things to say about it. It is stable and they feel safe working on it. Dale submitted above pics from his glass installation locations

 Fixed Height Work Stands
Heavy duty folding work platforms for fixed deck heights
For applications where height adjustment isn't required.
Compliant with OSHA, ANSI & CSA
Perforated dimple anti slip deck surface
Frame legs fold under the deck for easy transport.

27 size models to choose from: 2' height x 3' length to 6' height x 10' length 

Sturdy Deck Work Stands
Sturdy Deck Work Platforms
Sturdy Deck Stands
Sturdy Deck Work Stands
Sturdy Deck Work Platforms
Sturdy Deck Stands
Sturdy Deck Stands

Introducing STACK DECK: Stacking Work Platform Systems

300 lb rated capacity - for single worker

Quick set up aluminum stacking access platforms with compact modular design for transport

We Are Distributing:


Access Stair systems, Portable overhead
fall protection & Fire suppression systems




Easy Access Industrial Design Inc. toll free:1-877-730-2704 direct: 604-230-2704 email: scissordeck@shaw.ca

If you need portable work platforms for your facility, consider investing in Scissor Deck industrial work platforms. We also distribute access, safety & fire suppression equipment for Tuff Built Products Inc based in Winnipeg, MB.

Scissor Deck industrial work platforms may serve many purposes, including aircraft maintenance stands.

At Easy Access we manufacture and distribute work platforms that may be used in a variety of situations. Whether you are servicing recreational vehicles or you are performing maintenance on aircraft, our industrial work stands are certain to meet your needs. We create our products from high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that they will hold your weight and the weight of any tools and equipment you need to place on them. Contact us if you have questions about weight restrictions. Our platforms are purchased by heavy vehicle maintenance departments, people who work in the marine industry, construction foremen, factory operators, aircraft technicians, and many more. Though one of the most popular applications of our platforms is as aircraft maintenance stands, the usage options are nearly endless. You will probably be amazed at how often you use your Scissor Deck.

Our Sturdy Decks provide a stable work platform which folds down compact  for storage and transport. Our Easy Access Powered Lifts have been designed especially for heavy vehicle rooftop maintenance including RV rooftop servicing, transit bus rooftop servicing,

coach bus rooftop servicing and trailer rooftop servicing. Easy Access Powered lifts provide a safe containment rail for rooftop maintenance.