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Our hand fabricated maintenance platforms for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters help you save time and get close to your work zone safely, within a tight budget. All products are CSA, ANSI & OSHA compliant and offer customizable system options for wraparound access.

Fixed Wing

  • Works with business jets, float planes, military, propeller planes​

  • Use for air frame, body work, cleaning,  MRO, inspections, tail work, jet replacements, windows, etc.​​


Heavy Fixed Wing

  • Works with amphibious, narrow body, wide body

  • Use for air frame, body work, cleaning, grinding fuel port cut outs, MRO, inspections, undercarriage, windows, etc.


  • Augusta Westland, Bell, Enstrom, Eurocopter, MD, Robinson, Russian, Schweitzer, Sikorsky​

  • Use for air frame, lower deck, upper deck, heads, MRO, inspections, tail work, transmission, etc.

Finally getting around to sending a couple good photos on our new stand in action.

Receiving excellent feedback from my guys on ease of use and functionality.

Recently found a new use where the guys raise it up to the leading edges of the engine intakes for polishing. Yet another use for your deck. Windshield change on a G550. (Purchased a 10' length Adjustable Sturdy Deck in April, 2022)

Best Regards, Henry Mast, Chief of Maintenance, Facilities & Field Operations

Phillips 66 Aviation, Houston, TX

Aircraft Testimonials


Helicopter Dolly Maintenance Access


Choose from manual spring assist to raise or lower deck or NEW UPGRADE: POWERED height adjustment with drill driver option



  • 30” x 6’ length anti slip deck surface.

  • Multi height adjustability to 6’ on Scissor Deck frame.

  • Deck side & end entry with removable extension type 1 ladder.

  • Safety orange powder coated gates and lower stanchion tubes.

  • Double pedal lock 400 kg rated poly urethane wheels



  • 12 possible ground contact points

  • Outriggers: 4 - 20” length at-level & 2 - 35” length to-ground angled tubes mounted at frame leg ends with swivel rubber padded feet.

  • Deck Support Stanchions: 4 corner mounted telescoping tubes to connect with dolly deck and ground.

6000 series with Astar on dolly right side
6000 series with Astar on dolly.jpg
6000 series with Astar on dolly.jpg



  • Extra set of 2 shorter stanchions for use with low level on-cart set ups.

  • Deck padding is a recommended add-on.

  • Add a tool tray for a quick access organized work zone.

  • Toe boards, wheels, & stepway approach upgrade options.

  • See “Systems & Stability” and “Accessories” pages for more details!


  • High tensile welded aluminum construction

  • One or two person platform.

  • Folds flat for transport & storage

  • End gate includes lower rail

  • Quick install railings

  • Safety tread anti-slip deck surface

  • Frame height lock pins


  • 500 lbs rated weight capacity

  • 250lb rated Type 1 extension ladder

  • CSA & OHSA safety standard compliant

  • Safety instructions & labels

Designed & manufactured in Canada 🇨🇦

Easy Access Industrial Design Testimonials



It gives us easy access to all points on each aircraft. It's stable at all heights and allows for ample room to walk around. It's versatile, easy to use. I recommend it for all sizes of helicopters.

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