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Doug Hum, supervisor, Coast Mountain Bus Company, Burnaby, BC

Purchased a 30" wide 7000 series smooth surface system in September, 2015.

On the mechanical side we use it to access the roof of the bus for battery disconnects on hybrid busses. It’s tall enough so we can lean over to get access to the batteries. We also use it to access radiator assemblies of the roof area at the rear of the bus.

For the body shop we use it to replace the clearance lamps. We use it for window replacement on side windows & resealing the upper windows for water leaks. We leave both Scissor Decks assembled. The connecting plank and rails are stored to the side for when we need them to set up the whole system. We use the height adjustments to reach lower for the windows and higher for access to the roof. It’s pretty light to move around. We look forward to it standing up to the test of time. We are looking at purchasing another system for our re & re department.


Orlo Petersen, Manager Maintenance Operations, Regional Transit Division (RTD) Boulder, CO  

(Purchased a 7000 series 20” wide system, Dec 2014) as of  March 2015: The guys said they are very happy with it (7000 series system). We use it primarily for changing windshields & around the front destination sign area.  They use it for up and down the sides. They think it’s great. We are ordering another system for our (Denver) east location. (Purchased 3 more systems October, 2015)

Mike Taylor, Safety Department, Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing, Edmonton, Alberta. (Nov. 14: purchased 7000 series 30" wide cantilevered deck system) Access is good at whatever height. Stability is also good without the stanchions set up. With them in place its rock solid. . The middle extension gives confidence. Jump up and down on it and doesn’t move at all. Two guys can wheel the unit around without any difficulty. The ground foot print is actually smaller than what I thought it was going be… it really doesn’t take up that much space. We will probably leave it set up all the time.  We feel we made a good choice. The shop techs. who use it daily are very happy with it, and at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters. It has made their workday that much easier.


Peter Karim, Body Shop Foreman, Sterling Western Star, Southside Frame Alignment & Collision Repair, Calgary, Alberta. We use it (7000 series Heavy Truck Smooth Surface Standard System) for working on roofs of trucks and sides of trailers, all end dumps andcement mixers. We do body work, welding, fitting, and painting. It’s great. I love it. It’s safe. It’s a great investment.


Sterling Gaudaur: Service Manager - Redhead Equipment, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan      "Its excellent. We use our scissor deck for maintaining Ag Equipment. Our guys used it for installing the rear view camera on the combine. They use it on sprayers and quad trackers. There's many more functions. I see it being used all over the place. Quite happy we purchased it. We have it in all our (6) branches now."

Bruce, Mechanic St Paul Educational Regional District, St. Paul, Alberta  "So far we have used the Scissor Deck for working on the rear deflector of the school bus. We use it for accessing the strobe lights. Its high enough to reach the florescent lights to change the bulbs in our shop. It works well." 

  modular - quick set up

        attach for continuous wrap around platform walkways


 fold flat      safety certified compliant

 light weight         -             up to 500 lbs capacity






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