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Work Safely At Height: How To Choose Adjustable Work Platforms

Compared to a standard ladder, a work platform offers a bigger platform, better fall protection, and more stability. With fall protection on all four sides and the ability to use both hands, you are safer.

You have plenty of freedom to move around and maintain your balance thanks to the size of the platforms and the strong fall protection they offer, which allows you to concentrate on your work and do it more quickly. A work platform is an excellent substitute for scaffolding because it doesn't need to be assembled and is, for instance, simpler to use.

Folding Work Systems

Folding work systems, commonly called hop-up systems, are helpful in various situations where you’re working on high projects. Folding work platforms are utilized for a variety of tasks. Thus there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Persons such as painters and decorators prefer this platform because it's easy to carry around and helps them access ceilings and upper wall regions.

The platform's legs spread out and lock into position to provide a stable and secure working surface. A typical foldable work platform will have a height of around 600mm and a length of between 900mm and 100mm. All workers should be aware of the necessary safety procedures before using a foldable work platform, notwithstanding the platform's alleged size.

Mobile Access Towers

The UK construction sector can employ podium platform steps as a safe and practical alternative to traditional step ladders. The platform has a hardwood layer decked over an aluminum tube to provide a stable working surface. This foundation provides a stable and slip-resistant platform for workers to access higher locations.

These can reach a height of two meters, and guardrails are also at the base. These are advised for all sorts of painting and decorating tasks since there is far less chance of falling compared to using a ladder.

Some podium platforms are intended for use on staircases and other problematic areas to make working from height a little bit safer.

Powered Access Platforms

Powered Access Towers offer a mobile access option instead of Mobile Access Towers. These elevated working platforms are often propelled by a mechanical device and are also referred to as aerial work platforms. Cherry pickers, PAV lifts, scissor lifts, truck-mounted platforms, and other powered access platforms are examples. They frequently reach heights exceeding 10 meters, and working from such a gadget necessitates a high level of safety awareness.

Even though elevation control and platform activities are both necessary, you'll discover that just one worker manages these platforms. All powered access platform employees must complete the appropriate operational powered access training since one person typically handles all parts of the operation.

Easy Access is your go-to height adjustable mobile maintenance platform suited for a wide range of industries. Explore our collection to find products that will improve the safety and ergonomics of your workplace.

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