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Jeremy Miller, Operations Manager, General RV, Wickson, MI (purchased 7000 series system with outrigger legs) "We use our system for multiple uses: applying our paint protection, roof inspections, roof seals and any type of roof applications such as marker and service lights, installing slide toppers, awnings, and windows.  I was able to move the whole system by myself about 300 or 400 feet from the back of the service lot to the front. It maneuvered very well. It’s a light piece of equipment but still sturdy.  I would recommend it to other people in the RV business because it adds efficiencies to the jobs."

Ken Allen, Service Manager, Johnny Walker RV, Las Vegas Nevada (purchased 7000 series system with outrigger legs & 5000 series) "I like the Scissor Deck product for accessing the front or rear of an RV. We like its narrow width. It fits nicely alongside an RV in our spray booth. I just used it for installing an RV awning. I really like the ladder access as opposed to baker scaffolding. I like the handrail. This product is worth the investment."


Dennis, Shop Foreman at GNR RV, Winnipeg, MB (purchased 4 Scissor Deck 7000 series with outriggers) “We use the Scissor Decks to remove mouldings, re and re windows and install decals. We need the height ( 7000 series max deck height with outriggers is 7’ 5”) which is perfect for us. They are working fantastic.”


 Paul McGuire, Operations Manager, Happy Trails RV, Prince George, BC (purchased 7000 series economy system) “They've been using them for waxing down the trailers and washing. The Techs use them for replacing tin on the side of the trailers and for re & re'ing decals. We like it very much so. The owner is quite happy with it. The techs like it."


Tim Swenson, Service Manager Uneek RV Center, Kelso, Washington.  We've used it (7000 series economy system) for rubber roof jobs. It worked excellent for that. The rubber bumpers (deck padding) definitely keep it from getting the sidewalls marked up. We've done some decal work and some work above the cab on class C motor homes. That worked out well ..It didn't take long to set up. We've been pleased. the guys seem to like it. Its worked out well. Terry (dealership owner) is happy that the money spent is being put to good use.


.Marty Lown, Owner, Coachlight RV, Carthage, Missouri. We use it (7000 series economy system) in the body shop for all kinds of body work. We use it for windshield installs. The guys are using it for working on awnings alongside of coaches - anything up high in the air rather than being on a ladder. It’s getting alot of good use. It’s a very good investment. I don’t know how we got along without it.


Chris, Owner Chegus RV Sales, Watson, Saskatchewan  We are happy with it. We use it (6000 series Scissor Deck economy package) in the cleaning bay for the travel trailers. We've used it for repairs. What it’s really nice for is doing roof moulding caulkings. It works perfect at that level. It’s a convenient piece of equipment to have around the shop.