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The Scissor Deck industrial  maintenance platform design has been developed from over 10 years of integrating customers suggestions. Scissor Decks are manufactured in Canada by Easy Access Industrial Design Inc.

We provide safe access work zone solutions.

Our customers are encouraged to choose from a selection of options to 'build' the platform which best works for their application and budget. Easy Access is continuing to develop options for an increasing range of industrial maintenance applications.


Our Design

Scissor Decks are connectable spring assisted manual work platforms which may be joined in line and on 90 degree angles to form continuous platforms.  Safe work zone access  up to 105" deck height with 500 lb weight capacity. 4 sided handrail options with deck width to 40".

Scissor Deck design features include choice of deck surfaces, wheels and handrails with removable side or end deck located extension ladder access. Folding step deck access are available.


One or two workers may manually lift and select any of 10 height settings with heavy springs assist. 

Our Background

Since 2001 Easy Access Industrial Distributors Inc. has imported  our Joe Scaffold brand light aluminum specialty work platforms into the USA and Canada. We changed our trading name to Easy Access Industrial Design Inc. to more accurately reflect our shift to manufacturing of our own work platform designs.


From over 10 years of listening to hundreds of prospective and active customers,  Easy Access has been designing and manufacturing work platforms with increased access comfort and safety while reducing set up time.

Its about Choice and Customized Solutions

We give customers choice options to build a work platform package to suit a range of applications and budgets.

​Hinged frame option: Our removable folding lower frame design will accomodate tight cargo and storage areas.

Ski option: Pipeline inspections in Alaska have been saving many hours of set up time with our custom outigger attached wide skis with removable spike stops for the long winters or interchangeable pneumatic locking wheels for wet tundra conditions.

Economy systems and packages: Our economy models allow for tighter budgets with same sturdy frame design.


Our Markets

​Easy Access Industrial Design Inc. has positioned our offering to light and heavier industrial maintenance markets with our double wide tube frame design. We target:

Aircraft maintenance: helicopters, fixed wing, heavies

Vehicle maintenance: recreational vehicles, heavy trucks,

                                      busses, heavy equipment, marine

Plant maintenance:   line manufacturing, safety departments,                                     wastewater treatment plants

Heavy industry:         construction, mining, oil fields, pipelines

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