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Scissor Deck used regularly to clean box of ore truck

John Paasche, Plant Operations Superintendent, Diavik Diamond Mines, Underground Backfill Plant, Lac de Gras, NWT We use the Scissor deck primarily for doing our quality control sampling on the cemented rock fill from the back of underground haul trucks. We were using a rolling scaffold previously which isn’t intended for permanent use. The Scissor deck fits the purpose. The Scissor Deck is easy to adjust, is lightweight, so it’s easy to position. The technicians like using it. They can be used in a wide range of tasks through the mine site. The outriggers allow the technicians to stabilize the platform effectively on the irregular ground surface.
Shaun Nelson, Safety Coordinator, Kakivik Asset Management, Anchorage, Alaska We do pipeline inspections. We use the Scissor Deck for high areas to prevent having to use ladders. We prefer to use the Scissor Deck over ladders as it provides a safer way to do our inspection work. It’s a stable work platform. Its lightweight and easily transportable. It’s a new technology that can be utilized in any industry.