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Easy Access Powered Lifts

Heavy Vehicle Rooftop Servicing

Deck Hoist is adjusted by power drill (not supplied) to raise and lower equipment.

Railings are easily pushed out and retracted at height.

Lower railing sections and corner wheels lift up to clear rooftop equipment.

We are proud to offer Easy Powered Lifts which are designed, developed and manufactured at our locations in BC, Canada.

Easy Access Powered Lifts with 750 lb CSA and OSHA compliant rating provide safe worker containment for heavy vehicle rooftop servicing.

New Stairway access option with 12' length deck supplied to Everett Transit location in Washington State in January 2019.

Tanker Maintenance Lifts

Custom hinged cantilevered deck for tanker servicing. See testimonial below.

RV work platforms
Powered Maintenance Lifts

Mike Schmaus, Branch Manager, Truck Zone, Bonnyville, Alberta

(purchased 2 Easy Access Powered Lifts with extended ramps for tanker servicing in November, 2016) "They are pretty handy. I was surprised how easy they are to move around considering how tall they are. The way the legs are extended makes them very stable. Its nicer to climb the ladder than work off the piece of equipment we are working on. The ramps work out perfectly."